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Bee Products Bee Pollen Tablet (90 Tablets) 58.50g (Exp:06/12/2025)

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Bee pollen 90 Tablet

Bee Pollen Provides the comprehensive minerals, vitamins B-complex, A, C, D and E as well as essential amino acids. Our bee pollen tablets are a great source of protein equivalent to dairy and meat. It's suitable for people requiring high protein and energy without fat such as athletes, children, weight controller and vegetarians.


- Alternative protein from natural source

- Nourish the brain and nervous system

- Help the body develop strongly & healthy

- Promote healthy skin, hair and nails

Ingredient : (in 1 tablet) Bee Pollen Extract 650 mg.

*Natural products. No preservative and color added.

Suggestion : 1 tablet each time/ 3 times daily before or after meals

Storage : Keep in dry place, out of sun light. If open, consume within 2 months.

Cautions : Asthma and allergy sufferer consume under direction.

Bee Products Bee Pollen Tablet (90 Tablets) 58.50g (Exp:06/12/2025)

This product have been certified by::
The Central Islamic Council of Thailand