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Bee Products Propolis (90 Tablets) 56.70g (Exp Date:14/11/2025)

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Propolis is a resinous substance obtained from beehives at buds, bark of trees and useful botanical plants. Our propolis tablet is rich in flavonoids, amino acids and caffeic acid and antioxidant properties. It is also well known as natural anti-inflammatory and anti-infection agent especially for internal wound such as gastric pain. It can help improving general well-being; keep healthy and firm.

- Relieve neuropathic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, acute pain
- Healing gastric ulcers and intestines
- Promote medical treatment of cancer and Hepatitis B and C
- Healing wound after surgery
- Anti-Inflammation inside the body

Ingredient: (in 1 tablet) Propolis Extract 630 mg.
*Natural products. No preservative and color added.

Suggestion: 1 tablet each time/ 3 times daily before meals

Storage: Keep in dry place, out of sun light. If open, consume within 2 months.

Cautions: Asthma and allergy sufferer consume under direction.
Bee Products Propolis (90 Tablets) 56.70g (Exp Date:14/11/2025)

This product have been certified by::
The Central Islamic Council of Thailand