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Bee Products Royal Jelly 90 tablets (Bundle of 3 Bottle) (Exp:27/05/2025)

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Royal Jelly “Lyophilized Royal Jelly Extract Concentrated Tablets 360 mg. 10 HDA, 5 times higher and more concentrated than fresh Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly is the food for the queen bee that nature has gathered in its entirety. It contains essential fatty acids, HDA only found in Royal Jelly, 20 free amino acids, 16 vitamins and 22 minerals. It is like an elixir or an Anti-aging substance to maintain youthfulness. Beautiful, bright, strong skin from the inside out.

Benefits of Royal Jelly
- Balancing to feel fresh from stress, tiredness, exhaustion, not getting enough rest
- Slowing down premature aging and deterioration of the body Nourish your skin to shine
. - Build immunity for people with allergies. Low immunity
- strengthen sex hormones Suitable for those who suffer from infertility
- Helps inhibit the spread of cancer cells prevent allergies Chemotherapy or Radiation.
Bee Products Royal Jelly 90 tablets (Bundle of 3 Bottle) (Exp:27/05/2025)

This product have been certified by::
The Central Islamic Council of Thailand