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Sparkle Natural Fresh & Gum Care

Sparkle Natural Fresh & Gum Care

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Patented formulation of SPARKLE toothpaste that provides Organic Swiss Calendula, a natural ingredient from Alpine mountain in Switzerland, which is extraordinary gentle for the dental care. It also includes Zinc which helps reduce bacteria and consequently brings about fresh breath, fights gingivitis, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers while still remains and oral balance. It leaves a long lasting fresh breath, protects gums and teeth effectively and naturally.


  • Thyme reduces bacteria and bad breath

  • Chamomile reduces bacteria which causes gum disease

  • Sage reduces bacteria which causes mouth ulcers and helps freshen breath

  • Myrrh strengthens gu and fight bad breath

  • Clove prevents against tooth cavity and stops bad breath

  • Micro White Silica removes plaque and bacteria on enamel without any harm to it and whitens teeth

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