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Kreungton Pad Thai 90g (Exp:15/11/2023)

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Sugar, Tamarind Juice, Shallot, Soy Sauce, Salt, Paprika Powder, MSG, Red Chili, Cayenne, Shrimp Paste.

Allergen Information: Soy Sauce

*Low Fat

*No Coloring

*No Preservative

*Allergen: Soy Sauce


1) Bring 50g of thin rice noodles, let it soaked in water till soft. Boiled in boiling water until cooked.

2) Dissolved Pad Thai powder in water 25ml.

3) Set the pan using low heat. Put in pad Thai oil, wait until it is hot.

4) Bring tofu, chopped pickle turnip, eggs and dried shrimp, stir to combine.

5) Bring a boiled thin rice noodles and a dissolved pad Thai powder, bean sprouts stir to combine.

6) Sprinkle with crushed peanuts, ready to serve.

Kreungton Pad Thai 90g (Exp:15/11/2023)

This product have been certified by::
The Central Islamic Council of Thailand